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About Hyperhidrosis

Excessive sweating. You understand how it affects your life, but you might not know it's an actual medical condition. Doctors call it hyperhidrosis and define it as "sweating beyond what is necessary to cool the body." Excessive sweating can have a serious impact on your self-confidence, clothing choices, personal relationships, and even your career. But today's treatments offer hope. Innovative surgical and non-surgical approaches provide effective treatment for the affected areas.

Help is available for your excessive sweating. To get started today, find a sweat management specialist in your area.

It Might Help to Know

We understand that you want to find out how to stop sweating. Before learning about treatments, it can be helpful to gain a clear understanding of what you're going through, both emotionally and physically, by reviewing the following pages:

You Are Not Alone
While excessive sweating can make you feel isolated, it's important to understand that many people like you are affected by the same condition.
Understanding Sweat
You already know that you can't make yourself stop sweating on your own. Find out why we sweat and when this natural process becomes a problem.
Coping with Sweat
Find out about some ways that you can minimize the impact the condition has on your life.

Types of Hyperhidrosis

Your treatment options for hyperhidrosis will depend on which of the following 2 types you have:

While only a sweat management specialist can accurately determine whether you have hyperhidrosis, you can refer to our patient resources for helpful information about how the condition is diagnosed and how to find a qualified doctor.

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