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Choosing a Specialist

With the help of a knowledgeable and supportive physician, you can gain relief from the frustration and embarrassment you've been living with. There are various kinds of doctors that treat excessive sweating, so it's important to understand your options. In addition to qualifications, make sure that the doctor you choose is supportive and understanding.

Finding the right doctor can ease both your emotional and physical discomfort. Find a sweat management specialist in your area and take control of your life again.

Types of Hyperhidrosis Doctors

The following types of doctors recommend and perform treatments for excessive sweating:

  • General practitioners, also called primary care physicians, are often the doctors that people see most regularly, such as for annual check-ups. If topical antiperspirants don't give you relief, your general practitioner will probably refer you to a specialist for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Dermatologists specialize in treatment of the skin and are typically sweat management specialists who diagnose and treat hyperhidrosis. These doctors can prescribe strong antiperspirants, as well as perform focal injections or recommend iontophoresis treatments. A referral from your general practitioner is not necessary for consulting a dermatologist.
  • Surgeons can cut or clip the nerves that cause abnormal sweating.

Getting Started

You have choices when it comes to seeking a diagnosis and treatment for excessive sweating. You can:

  • See a general practitioner. You can begin with a visit to your primary care doctor, who will then refer you to a specialist if necessary.
  • Find a specialist. Choose a sweat management specialist in your area using our doctor locator. You do not need a referral. Knowing that the doctor has helped many people like you who have suffered with excessive sweating may make it easier for you to openly discuss this very personal problem.

In addition to considering a doctor's qualifications, it's important think about how comfortably you can communicate with him or her. The more openly you are able to speak with your doctor, the easier it will be for him or her to determine the most effective and appropriate treatment for you.

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