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Coping with Sweat

Haven't you been bothered by heavy sweating long enough? Seeking treatment from a sweat management specialist is the most effective way to control this embarrassing problem, but there are a number of things you can do to reduce sweat and body odor in the meantime.

While there are many ways you can cope with excessive sweating, treatment can help you live a more normal life. To get started, find a sweat management specialist in your area for advice.

Tips for Coping with Sweating

Consider the following tips for minimizing excessive sweating until you get help from a specialist:

Wear dark-colored clothing to lessen sweat visibility and loose fitting clothing to allow air to circulate next to your skin.
Be careful when wearing polyester, silk, and artificial fibers next to your skin. These fabrics can cling to your skin and restrict air flow.
Natural cotton perspiration shields can be worn under clothing to provide an extra layer of protection for sweaty armpits. Other solutions include sweat-resistant undergarments.
Use a topical antiperspirant with aluminum chloride, the active ingredient that can reduce sweating by blocking the sweat glands and causing them to atrophy1.
Take a daily bath or shower to help reduce the amount of bacteria on your skin.
Alternate your shoes daily so they have a chance to dry overnight.
Keep 2 pairs of socks or cotton-soled pantyhose with you so you can change them when needed. Make sure you dry your feet thoroughly before doing so.
Go barefoot when possible.
Eliminate food or drinks that cause you to sweat more than others, as well as foods with strong odors like onions and garlic.
Drink lots of water to replenish any moisture you may have lost and to prevent dehydration.

1 Haider A, Solish N. Focal hyperhidrosis: diagnosis and management. Canadian Medical Association Journal. 2005 January 4, 172(1): 69-75.

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