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Preparing for Your Appointment

To get the most out of your consultation with a sweat management specialist, it can be helpful to prepare ahead of time. Although a sweating problem can be embarrassing, rest assured that these specialists are qualified and experienced in helping people just like you. Because hyperhidrosis is a medical condition, the doctor will need to perform a medical assessment before he or she can recommend a treatment for you.

You can manage your excessive sweating. We can help you find a sweat management specialist in your area.

Helpful Information

Here's a list of things for you to consider before you visit the specialist:

Do your homework. Learn about the natural sweating process, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), and possible treatments.
Think about where and when. Write down when you first experienced excessive sweating - your age and the circumstances. Also note the areas most affected, such as your underarms, face, hands, or feet, and whether both sides are affected (e.g., right and left underarm).
Write down what you've tried. Gather information on all of the treatments for excessive sweating you currently use or have used.
Rate yourself. Use the Assess Your Sweating tool to rate the severity of your sweating problem. It will help the doctor gain a better understanding of the severity of your problem. Bring it with you to your appointment.
Review your medical history. To help your doctor determine your health risks, or whether you have any medical conditions that can cause secondary hyperhidrosis, note whether you or anyone in your family suffers from diabetes, anxiety disorders, or excessive sweating.
Collect insurance information. Bring any private/extended insurance information (e.g., you may be covered by your employer, your student plan, or by other members of your family). Many private health insurance plans cover the cost of treatments the doctor may prescribe for you.
Bring a friend. Ask a friend or loved one to come with you to your doctor appointment. They can help you remember to ask all of your questions, take notes, and request that the doctor explain confusing information. And, of course, they can offer support and understanding in a situation that can sometimes feel overwhelming.

You can contact any highly trained sweat management specialist listed on this website to make an appointment; simply use our doctor locator. The specialists are sorted by city and province so that you can find one that is convenient.

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