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Topical Antiperspirant for Excessive Sweating

Topical antiperspirant products typically contain aluminum salts (e.g., DRYSOL®, CERTAIN DRI®) or with methanamine (DEHYDRAL®) that obstruct the sweat ducts at the skin's surface and prevent excessive sweating. Treatment with these products does not stop sweating, it simply traps the perspiration within the obstructed sweat duct.

Topical antiperspirants are typically the first line of treatment for hyperhidrosis of the palms, feet, and underarms. To learn more about your treatment options, find a sweat management specialist in your area.

Treatment Details

Where can it be used?
Palms, feet, and underarms
What are possible side effects?
Skin irritation, discomfort, and the sensation of "prickly heat" can occur. To minimize irritation, apply to dry underarms at bedtime and wash off within 6 to 8 hours1. Long-term side effects are unknown.
How much does it cost?
Higher strength products can cost from $10 to $35 per bottle2
Will insurance pay for it?
These products are available over-the-counter, and are not typically covered by insurance plans.

1 Haider A, Solish N. Focal hyperhidrosis: diagnosis and management. Canadian Medical Association Journal. 2005 January 4, 172(1): 69-75.

2 Data on file.

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